SBPEA approaches Teamsters for affiliation agreement

It looks like San Bernardino County general employees will be given a chance to have their union affiliated with the Teamsters. This would be a huge change. When combined with SBPEA, the Teamsters local would become the largest Teamsters local and add to the already largest jount council. My question is whether or not county employees are ready to commit to a future dues increase. After years of paycuts, they may see it as an investment.

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Updated: February 11, 2015 — 11:55 am


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  1. Makes one wonder how many of the ineffectual, under-educated, inexperienced staff they will retain for undoubtedly raising the employee contributions to the new association.


    Bill – these slackers you speak of are the reason we have not been able to decertify SBPEA as of yet ! On to a more serious note – the Teamsters?! Our current SBPEA General Manager Deidre Rodriguez is in HOT water right now thanks in part to an ongoing investigation by the State , basically SBPEA’s days are numbered and they know it – so knowing that the state is in the process of most likely dissolving this motley crew called SBPEA , Diedra is once again attempting one of her ‘ slight of hand ‘ tricks by trying to persuade us to join the Teamsters?? Do people not know of her late husbands 30 year affiliation with the Teamsters?! Of course not but they soon will.

    1. Teamsters! Problem as you see it , solved

  3. Could someone give a little more detail on the HOT water Deidre Rodriguez is in and the State investigation?

    1. She isn’t. Some whiners/complainers filed complaints with PERB. But no one “gets in trouble”

  4. Why is state capitalized?

  5. I will vote for the union tomorrow if it means we will get something and quit giving away our pay.
    This has went on too long as well as the poor management and nepotism of the county.
    Bring it on teamsters.

  6. A vote for affiliating with the Teamsters will not change a thing – that’s the point. SBPEA would remain independent, with the same directors, management and staff. Teamsters would have no right to interfere, or even consult, unless SBPEA asks them to. SBPEA would get to raise dues, however, which it needs to in order to survive. And SBPEA would use the Teamsters affiliation to try to stop any more bargaining units from defecting to SEIU. The poor management and nepotism would continue unchecked – that’s the plan.

    1. You still don’t get it. Teamsters is not the union. SBPEA is not the union. SEIU is not the union. The union is the employees. Until you understand that, you will always be complaining about something. Changing the logo on your union membership won’t make a difference. If you expect the union staff to wave a magic wand and fix your problems, then I got a magic want to sell you for 1% dues. If you got problems, guess what. You better role up your sleeves and get to work, because you only get out of the union what you put into it.

  7. As a veteran steward within the teamsters i encourage you to join. But not with SBPEA. Decertify them and join a current local. Locals 986 and 592 were the best I’ve seen and deal with diverse job categories. If you let SBPEA become a local you will have the same problem with leadership. Once this leadership becomes teamsters they will be even harder to get rid of.

    1. If they leave SBPEA and go somewhere else, what will change, Ben? Nothing. The people who step up and are in leadership now will step up and be in leadership then. The people who don’t do anything now, will do nothing then. Bottom line: People need to stop complaining and start taking ownership of their union. No matter where they go, the problem will still be there, unless people decide to step up, act up, and lead. Changing a union logo will change nothing, except the print on the envelope.

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